SWBF1 Game Servers

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Map Rotation: Dune Sea GCW, Dune Sea CW, Cloud City GCW, Mos Eisley GCW, Citadel GCW, Arena GCW, Docks GCW, Kamino CW, Hoth GCW,
Jabba's Palace CW, Harbor GCW, Islands GCW, Mos Eisley CW, Temple GCW, Platforms GCW, Endor GCW, Theed Historical, Plains GCW, Citadel CW, & Jabba's Palace GCW.

Map Rotation: Dune Sea GCW, Rhen Var CW, Cloud City GCW, Mos Eisley CW, Theed GCW, Harbor CW, Endor GCW,
Dune Sea CW, Kamino CW, Mos Eisley GCW, Cloud City CW, Islands GCW, Theed Historical, Citadel GCW, Docks CW, Harbor CW, & Kamino CW.

Map Rotation: Days Gone Bye, Atlanta: Grantville Park, Atlanta: City Streets, Atlanta: Nursing Home,
Atlanta: Skyscraper Roof, Atlanta: Survivor Camp, Atlanta: Center for Disease Control, Interstate 85: What Lies Ahead, FEMA Aid Station,
Hershel's Farm, Carriage Castle Tavern, The Executioner, Miles Behind Us, Helicopter Crashsite, Woodbury: Made To Suffer, Woodbury: The Suicide King,
Grassy Plains: Prey, Abandoned Warehouse, Wilteshire Estates, Forest Temple Ruins, Claimers Campsite, Radio Station Outpost, The Kingdom, Call Of Duty Shipment

Map Rotation: Mos Eisley GCW & Rhen Var GCW.

PC Game Servers - Admins:
- [FC]Phobos

PC Game Servers - Moderators:

- [FC]Phobos
- [FC]Nino

PS2 Game Servers - Admins:

- [FC]Phobos
- [FC]Elite

PS2 Game Servers - Moderators:

- [FC]Helios
- [FC]Nino

Report admin/mod abuse?
Message us here: Contact ZombieDeathMob @ Steam

PC & PS2 Server Rules - The 10 Commandments of Respect:
- No spamming chat
- No abusing vote boot
- No impersonating [FC] members
- No excessive/intentional teamkilling
- No crashing or DDoSing our servers
- No trolling or starting pointless drama
- No insulting radar or players who use it
- No line-break nicknames without admin approval
- No glitching in walls for the purpose of killing players
- No being disruptive to the players trying to enjoy the game